Here at Rise Up, we love and value every member and believe everyone should have access to an experienced and accredited coach whenever he/she is working out with us. All of our classes are supervised by trained professionals who are on hand to ensure you are moving safely, properly, and effectively.  We offer a range of classes every day, including weight lifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, HIIT, boot camp, yoga, Zumba, outdoor running, beginner fitness, nutrition and more.

Partner Interval Workout

These classes are designed for advanced individuals who have been doing high intensity workouts for a long period of time and who are looking for a quality workout at an accelerated pace and skill level. These classes will feature advanced movements like muscle ups and handstand push-ups as well as high volume weight lifting in a partner format. 


These classes do not require completion of the foundations classes. You can expect running, rowing, burpees, squats, push-ups, lunges, etc in this class. It is appropriate for all skill levels.

Workout of the Day

These classes are modifiable and available to every fitness level. Prior to starting these classes, we require 3 foundations classes where people new to high intensity training will be introduced to all of the movements they can expect to see in class.

Foundations classes are scheduled privately between the new member and the coach.

Weight Training

This class is for all fitness and experience levels. 
Those new to lifting weight will learn proper technique 
in a controlled environment and will start to build strength. This class will also be applicable to those 
with weight lifting experience who want to add to their strength numbers and see great core improvements. Programming will include everything from back squat cycles to total body strength.


The yoga class will be offered twice a week by Kristy Gaines. No prior experience is required.


Do you want to learn how to have a better relationship with food? This session based class is not about following rules or staring at scales and measuring cups. Instead, you will leave this class armed with the practical tools to lead to a healthier lifestyle.


Come meet Silvana Lewis as she leads the class through an energizing and fun zumba class on Fridays at 10:30 am. No prior experience is required.